shadow of the tomb raider walkthrough kuwaq yaku

Where the Twins Confer 8. (screenshot) Behind it is a little cave with some gold ore, cloth, and the document (18/18), Fever Dreams (Search for the Hidden City). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. FLOODED AREA WITH PIRANHAS: As you enter the water, an on-screen tutorial introduces underwater predators like piranhas. About halfway along the north wall of the valley is a metal barrier that can only be destroyed with the shotgun. If you like, you can return to the previous base camp to make upgrades (or even fast travel back to previous areas) before moving on. 11/16/18 - Added another totem for the Nam Deus Challenge. There are multiple group of enemies in this area. The clearing with the truck is safe, though. A blue beacon and an icon for gold now point the way. If you zoom in and rotate the photo in the menu (using the controls indicated on-screen), Lara will discover the answer: "The last number on the left pillar is a zero." Lara remains in defensive posture, but you're in the clear for now. Shoot a rope arrow at the barrier, and Lara will automatically pull out the rope ascender. ... Unuratu. Lara tells them about the mural she saw in the Temple of Life, describing a series of trials, then steps inside. (screenshot) We'll retrieve it shortly. Obviously guns will work, but they're also vulnerable to Eagle's Talon and other stealth attacks. Walkthrough. 11/24/18 - Added links to The Forge DLC walkthrough. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - Gameplay Video. Abby says she knows where to find the "jaguar mouth." Then rotate the right pillar so the third number reads three, again matching the clue from the panel. The challenge can be completed north of the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp. As you enter this area, watch out for moray eels. Then climb/jump along to the right until you reach the right edge of the mosaic wall. (screenshot) Return to the game and activate Survival Instinct. THE FORGE DLC: One of the game add-ons is set here in Kuwaq Yaku. If there are piranhas around, you may be able to avoid them by swimming into the grass at the foot of the next flight of stairs. (screenshot) Continue holding Forward and Lara will struggle through. Loot his corpse and continue along the path. * Tool URL: If you didn't explore here earlier, there will be a supply box on the right. Side Mission: Invasive Species (You can jump to either side of the balcony, as shown in these screenshots.) (screenshot). Sep 15, 2018 @ 1:09am thank you for the replies! When you get to the temple, walk inside and a cutscene will begin. But once Lara's inventory is full, you might as well sell off a few items you don't use very often. (screenshot), CAVERN WITH SPIDER MOSAIC: Climb onto the wooden walkway and face the wall with the spider mosaic. SIDE MISSION – INVASIVE SPECIES: If you talk to the man sitting on the box just west of the Kuwaq Yaku Base Camp (screenshot), he'll tell you about a shady character named Omar, and the Mission Giver for this level's Side Mission will be revealed on your map. There's a wooden barrier that can only be pulled down using the ascender. Use your bow for silent, untraceable shots. Lara remains on alert until you approach the Docks Base Camp, just ahead on the left. (screenshot) The crypt itself is covered on a separate page. for (i=0;i

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