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After admission procedure. Dual Degrees: Results in two equal degrees Double Major: Results in one degree, with two areas of specialization (majors) If you begin college knowing what career you plan to pursue, a Dual Degree may be an excellent option for you. Double Degree Programmes (Full Time) Students in the double degree programmes (DDP) are awarded with a degree certificate for each of the two programmes. Combined degrees, also called dual degrees or double degrees, are a great option to increase your qualifications and boost your employability. Double Degree in Business (with specialisation in Business Analytics) & Computer Engineering/Computer Science NTU_PageContent Singapore’s unique strengths of having a strategic location, competent workforce, and pro-business environment make it well positioned to be a base for corporations to expand their operations in the region and embrace globalisation. Engineering + MBA Dual Degree Combine your expertise Undergraduate engineering students may earn both their Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree and an MBA in a total of five years through this dual program, which is also the first and only BS/MBA degree offered by the University System of Georgia. Double Degree China and the World Economy; MSc Business Administration (five profiles) . Have you ever considered enhancing your competitive edge by studying for a double degree? They’re also a great way of keeping your options open and shows a higher level of expertise to future employers — which could help you get your dream job. Studying Computer Science and Business has given me the edge to come up with viable business models for technology solutions. For more information about this application procedure and the admission requirements, see this website. The M.E.T. (in English or German) at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and at the same time, a Master’s in Technology Management (in Englisch) at the NIT. Solutions require innovative engineering and applied science. Commencing from 2012-13, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Economics jointly offer the double degree programme in BEng/BBA for four-year curriculum. Double degrees usually take just one year longer than a single degree and they’re a great way to add more depth to your study. La Salle Campus Barcelona offers 5 double degree programs in the fields of ICT Engineering and Business Management. Double Degree Option. The programmes are designed to develop core engineering skills in students to fulfil the requisite professional requirements of their chosen engineering fields. It’s easy to confuse Dual Degree Programs with Double Majoring, but they are different. Application for the double degree programme Master of Business and Information Systems Engineering UNamur is possible for students who meet the admission requirements for the regular Master of Business and Information Systems Engineering at KU Leuven. Combine a Bachelor of Business with: Bachelor of Accounting; Bachelor of Banking and Finance Career Accelerator helps you build industry connections through networking and mentoring , and you can undertake internships and global business practicums for credit towards your degree. Because double degrees don’t have any electives, you might need to choose your major from the start of your studies and changing majors might add additional time to your studies. MBA dual degree programs result in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and another type of degree. Double Degree in Accountancy & Business Double Degree In Business (With Specialisation In Business Analytics) & Computer Engineering/Computer Science Fundamentals of Additional Mathematics This joint program constitutes the linkage of the individual degree programs of the respective universities. Combine the worlds of bytes and business. A simultaneous degree is the pursuit of two majors in different colleges or schools. The programme is designed to develop the core engineering skills of students so that they would fulfill the requisite professional requirements of their chosen engineering fields. Master of Science degree programmes: MSc Accountancy and Controlling. The Faculty of Engineering, in collaboration with the Faculty of Business Administration here at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, is offering double degree option in Engineering and Business Administration starting from the 2007 entry. Master 2 disciplines – business and computer engineering – in this double degree programme jointly offered by NTU’s Nanyang Business School (NBS) and School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE).This double degree programme is a hybrid curriculum that has been specially prepared to seamlessly integrate both business and computer engineering … Future challenges exist in the environment, infastructure and technology. program offers the study of engineering and business in a single curriculum; you’ll graduate in four years with two Bachelor of Science degrees. Engineering students who plan to enroll in this double degree programme after the first-year are encouraged to read at least one Business module in the first year to enable them to better understand the Business programme. Increasingly often, universities will let you combine any two degrees, allowing you to create your own programme of study, designed by you, for you. We recommend all double degree students speak to course advisors before you start … The double degree programme in Engineering and Business Administration is a special degree programme that combines two disciplines that have significant synergies. (Chinese Language Studies) and B.Ed. Under the DDP, some courses may be counted towards the requirements of both degrees, thus allowing a student to complete two degrees in a shorter period than it would take to complete them separately. With the double degrees, you can complete your university studies in 5 academic years and obtain two official degree qualifications. Working towards a chemical and mechanical engineering double major degree will provide candidates with the skills they need to create consumer products upon … They are a great option and the extra study will see you enjoy many benefits. The Benefits of Studying a Double Degree Learn more about it here. If you’re set on a career in business, you may wish to consider taking two degrees within the Business School. Engineering and business are common "get-a-job" college program choices, with about 1 in 5 college graduates in 2016 majoring in business and 5 percent earning degrees in engineering… The double degree programmes in Engineering # and Business Administration are special degree programmes that combine two disciplines that have significant synergies. Double Degree, Double Prospects. Global Engineering and Business Double Degree Programme (GEBP) Studying Computer Science and Business has given me the edge to come up with viable business models for technology solutions. To apply for the double degree programme Master of Business and Information Systems Engineering, candidates have to follow the application procedure set by Université de Namur. To be admitted to the programme, students need to submit an application in the second term of the … For example, JD/MBA degree programs result in a Juris Doctor (JD) and an MBA degree, and MD/MBA programs result in Doctor of … The Business component of this double degree is being offered at the new Parramatta City campus. Dual Degree in Science and Engineering with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Transferring to a double degree. Bachelor handelsingenieur in de beleidsinformatica; Students participating in the double degree programme will be registered in the Master in Business and Information Systems Engineering programme. Business double degrees. This undergraduate double degree incorporates a suite of professional development opportunities offered by Career Accelerator, that are exclusive to UNSW’s Business School students. In this unique program, you’ll get two prestigious degrees … Our double degree options will help you take your study to the next level and allow you to broaden your knowledge in different areas simultaneously.By choosing a double degree, you can achieve more in less time and open the door to more job opportunities. Our Double Degree Master´s Program in Technology Management meets the industry demand for engineering or science with a management education. Popular undergraduate double degrees include combining business with engineering, computing, or arts, but there are many other specialist options too. Double down on your love of technology, computer science, and business. A dual degree program, also known as a double degree program, is a type of academic program that allows you to earn two different degrees. Change Management; Health; Management Accounting and Control (formerly known as Organizational and Management Control); Small Business and Entrepreneurship Find out how to combine your business interests and technical skills through the Wharton/Engineering Dual Degree Program. Taking part in the Airbus Japan Business Project, I worked with Aerospace Engineering students to design business models for airlines. B.A. Well, it will be hard to manage, especially considering the workload NTU undergraduates have to take for Engineering degrees like Computer Science, etc alone. Combined degrees basically mean you complete the two degrees in a shorter timeframe than completing them separately. Be both: In our double degree Master’s program, you study an M. Sc. You can study a double degree in Business or Commerce, giving you the opportunity to expand your business skills. Global Engineering and Business Double Degree Programme (GEBP) Sign Up for Programmes and Events Updates. Name * Country of Study * Year of High School Graduation * Email * Submit. Double Degrees / Dual Degree Programmes Double Degree Programmes . The double major is the pursuit of two distinct engineering majors for a single degree. Features of the Scheme for BEng or BEng(BME) Students • This is an inter-disciplinary programme in which students will acquire knowledge in both Engineering and Business. The goal of the double degree programs at TU München is to integrate the strengths of its individual partner universities’ degree programs – unaltered – into the joint program. Credits and examinations completed at the partner university will be recognized by TUM. Double Degrees 'DD' and Dedicated Double Degree 'DDD' Get two master degrees in two years: the Master's degree in Management or in Business Engineering from the Louvain School of Management and the Master's degree from the chosen partner university, i.e. Only students in this programme have access to the double degree programme.

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