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132 recovered. If you have these symptoms, do not panic! 9th May - 1 case confirmed. A sick person who 170th - 174th death. 13 more patients are recovered. 1 patient recovered. 14th June - 3 cases confirmed. 27th November -  96 cases. 29th July -  78 cases confirmed. 0 patients recovered. 47 recovered. 147th and 148th death. 57th, 58th, 59th death. Twenty-eight death and twenty-ninth death. 28th October -  75 cases. 9 more patients are recovered. 22 recovered. 53 recovered. 23rd August -  35 cases confirmed. 4th November -  84 cases. 4th December -  123 cases. 165 recovered. 101 recovered. 4 more patients are recovered. 43 recovered. 2 patients recovered. Prior to delimitation in 2008, Malda had only one seat, which was consecutively won by Congress leader A B A Gani Khan Chowdhury from 1980 until his demise in 2006. 12th August -  49 cases confirmed. 17th November -  110 cases. 42nd death. 13th October -  93 cases. 12th June - 5 cases confirmed. 9 more patients are recovered. 105 recovered. 12th April - 8 cases confirmed. 10th June - 3 cases confirmed. 31 recovered. 25th December -  50 cases. 29th August -  27 cases confirmed. 25 recovered. 82 recovered. 0 patients recovered. Copyright ©  2012 - 2021 |, Latest Malta Coronavirus Updates - Updated 17th October 2020, Coronavirus Malta And Worldwide Statistics, Tips On How To Reduce The Spread Of Coronavirus, According to the Center for Disease Control you must, Click Here - Recommended for British People, A Guide To Weather in Malta in April | What To Expect, The Ultimate Weather in Malta in February Guide, Find All Malta Public Holidays For 2021 | National Holidays Included, The first case was announced on Saturday 7. Includes latest news on symptoms, cases, treatments and more. 28th May - 4 case confirmed. 10th November -  153 cases. 30th December -  124 cases. Food and water were provided to the the passengers. 42 recovered. 79 recovered. 36th and 37th death. 79th, 80th and 81st death. 24th October -  115 cases. 5 more patients are recovered. 3 patients recovered. 15th September -  49 cases. 98th death. 2 patients recovered. Thirty-second death. 12 more patients are recovered. Malda- Get latest news on Malda. 52 recovered. 44 recoveries were immigrants. Data regarding Ambulances under Malda District as on 18-03-2020 Submitted by Pallab Biswas on Fri, 20/03/2020 - 07:43 PM Read more about Data regarding Ambulances under Malda … 101 recovered. entrances are being provided with sanitisers and tempreture checks and everyone is advised to wash their 2nd May - 1 case confirmed. through sneezing. 21st July -  0 cases confirmed. The second patient has died from the virus. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'maltainfoguide_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_1',117,'0','0']));Click or tap on the bar to see all the daily cases for all the month. 48 patients recovered. 26th September -  29 cases. 19th April - 1 case confirmed. 1 patient recovered. 128 recovered. 89th, 90th, 91st, 92nd death. The train with 1,474 passengers, including several children, left the platform number one at 9.30 p.m. for Malda town in west Bengal. 0 patients recovered. Fourth Patient died. 26th October -  80 cases. 223rd - 226th death. 8 more patients are recovered. 19th August -  47 cases confirmed. 6th August -  20 cases confirmed. 21st May - 15 case confirmed. some waiting time. Bars and nightclubs to be closed from Wednesday except those that include restaurants. 6 more patients are recovered. 31st May - 0 case confirmed. 43 recovered. 135 recovered. The woman’s child, who was with her, has also been rescued. 50th death. Twenty-first and twenty-second death. 18th December -  94 cases. So one has to be Seventeenth death. 13 more patients are recovered. Coronavirus: An MD in community medicine, Malda cop HM Rehman said he uses his skills in guiding the police personnel who are vulnerableto the contagion while doing field duty. Wedding receptions may only be held in a seated environment. 188th - 190th death. 25th September -  31 cases. 63 recovered. The tenth patient died. 121 recovered. 167 recovered. 0 patients recovered. 3 of them were locally transmitted cases. 25th November -  116 cases. 14th July -  0 cases confirmed. Read Breaking News on Malda updated and published at Zee News. 17 recovered. All 21st December -  88 cases. Twenty-sixth death and twenty-seventh death. Seventh patient died. 30 recovered. 16th November -  103 cases. 2nd August -  15 cases confirmed. 0 patients recovered. 7th July -  1 case confirmed. National. 31st July -  10 cases confirmed. 7 patients recovered. 24th August -  55 cases confirmed. 110 recovered. 96 recovered. 22nd August -  31 cases confirmed. hands before entering and before leaving. Brown sugar worth Rs 50 lakh was seized and a man arrested in West Bengal's Malda district, police said on Sunday. 26th June - 2 cases confirmed. The death toll due to coronavirus infection rose to 5 in West Bengal with 8 new cases having been reported. visited public places. Maltese most eager to get vaccinated in Europe, Eurobarometer survey finds. 64 recovered. First Coronavirus patient to die in Malta. 2nd December -  126 cases. Food and drink to be served at table. January 19, 2021. can be around you can get a variety of things around him and around you infected with his saliva through his hands or 2nd July - 0 cases confirmed. 13 patients recovered. 27th June - 0 cases confirmed. Acting on … 16th May - 14 case confirmed. 12th September -  27 cases. 3 patients recovered. Eight and Ninth patient died. 16 more patients are recovered. 28th June - 0 cases confirmed. 10 more patients are recovered. 6th December -  97 cases. The thirteenth patient died. 12th July -  0 cases confirmed. 229th - 230th death. 20th December -  93 cases. 3 more patients are recovered. 2 patients recovered. 0 more patients are recovered. 17th July -  0 cases confirmed. 82nd, 83rd, 84th and 85th death. 40 recovered. 159 recovered. 111 recovered. 10th May - 6 case confirmed. 97 recovered. TMC breaches Malda, last Cong bastion in Bengal, as BJP inches ahead on Hindu votes. 0 patients recovered. 12th May - 3 case confirmed. 4 more patients are recovered. 52 patients recovered. Covid-19 latest. Malda: Police in Malda on Sunday rescued a young woman from Manipur who was allegedly kept confined for four months and repeatedly raped. 16th December -  112 cases. 14th November -  121 cases. Covid-19: Bengal man who returned from Nizamuddin tests positive Coronavirus in Bengal: More than 640 people contracted Covid-19 in different places following the Tablighi Jamaat conference. 1st December -  102 cases. Malda: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday arrested the kingpin of a currency racket from Malda. 3 patients recovered. No, Malta currently is not on lock down anymore. 131 recovered. 15th November -  117 cases. 107 recovered. 3rd December -  96 cases. 6th October -  47 cases. 16th March - 9 cases confirmed. 15th July -  0 cases confirmed. 74 recovered. Date Last Updated: 11th January 2021. 3rd August -  14 cases confirmed. 87 recovered. 22nd December -  108 cases. 152nd, 153rd, 154th and 155th death.. 8th December -  40 cases. 11th August -  29 cases confirmed. Thirtieth death and thirty-first death. 21st April - 12 cases confirmed. Phase 1A of Louisiana’s state vaccine plan is underway, covering frontline healthcare workers and nursing home and long-term care residents and staff. 20 patients recovered. 8 more patients are recovered. 17th April - 10 cases confirmed. 99th, 100th and 101st death. 70 recovered. 26th April - 0 cases confirmed. February 28, 2019 12:46 am. 37 recovered. 138 recovered. Find Malda Hospital news headlines, photos, videos, comments, blog posts and opinion at The Indian Express. 3 patients recovered. 28th September -  27 cases. 9th December -  79 cases. Twenty-third death. Health Promotion Disease | Prevention Directorate | Daily updated on the Novel Coronavirus: 14th August -  31 cases confirmed. All visitors shall be screened before entering the hospital. 46 recovered. 33 recovered. 12 more patients are recovered. 15th December -  49 cases. 29th December -  115 cases. 93 recovered. 105th, 106th, 107th and 108th death. I will hold a meeting with health officials and explain to them how to conduct such tests,” Roy said. Third patient died of the COVID-19 virus. 18th August -  48 cases confirmed. When was the first locally transmitted case in Malta? MALDA: The body of a mentally disabled youth was found in a drain here on Thursday morning. 9th November -  102 cases. 123 recovered. 9th August -  54 cases confirmed. 217th - 219th death. 0 patients recovered. 28th April - 8 cases confirmed. Due to this expect 233rd death. 111 recovered. A Mizo woman fell from a Nagaland-bound Shramik Special train in Malda's Shamsi and passed away in the wee hours of Tuesday. Retired medical providers encouraged to volunteer as COVID-19 vaccinators. 27th May - 1 case confirmed. All clubs and bars must close at 23:00. Latest news on the coronavirus, which has killed millions during a global pandemic. 0 more patients are recovered. 1 patient recovered. On this day, the first person in Malta has received the Coronavirus Vaccination. 19th December -  52 cases. 18th May - 5 case confirmed. Such tests have started in Jalpaiguri from Tuesday and similar tests would be held in Malda and in all other districts of north Bengal. 108 recovered. 220th death. 129th, 130th, 131st and 132nd death. 14th September -  53 cases. 30th August -  15 cases confirmed. 42 recovered. 117 recovered. 24th May - 1 case confirmed. 0 patients recovered. 0 patients recovered. 29th September -  29 cases. 39 more patients are recovered. 118th, 119th, 120th, 121st and 122nd death. In such places, only seated patrons may be served. 118 recovered. 14th May - 14 case confirmed. 207th - 210th death. 12th December -  121 cases. 12th November -  109 cases. Planning your holiday and wondering what the Weather in Malta in February is like? The person drops droplets which spread out onto a healthy person or persons around him and come in touch with your eyes, nose or mouth. 2 patients recovered, 10th July -  1 case confirmed. 0 patients recovered. 44th death. 6 more patients are recovered. The total positive cases in the state stands at 69,” the Chief Minister said. 133rd death. 96th and 97th death. 20th June - 1 case confirmed. 17th September -  35 cases. Discover what to get, tours to enjoy and our taughts. 63 recovered. 15th June - 1 case confirmed. 6th January - 224 cases. 93rd, 94th and 95th death. 10th December -  106 cases. 5th January - 158 cases. 165th and 166th death. 18 patients recovered. New 'amber' list of countries, arrivals from which will need to produce COVID-19 negative test result. 18th September -  39 cases. 5th September -  30 cases. West Bengal: Chaos breaks out over cremation of man who tested positive for COVID-19 GALLERIES View more photos She was on her way to … 22nd June - 0 cases confirmed. 128 recovered. 161 recovered. 75th and 76th death. 43rd death. 7 patients recovered. 28 more patients are recovered. 36 more patients are recovered. Twenty-fourth death and twenty-fifth death. Schools are to open as from September 2020. 30th November -  121 cases. 4th June - 0 cases confirmed. 23rd July -  1 case confirmed. 3 patients recovered. 23rd November -  80 cases. 1 patient recovered. 4th May - 3 case confirmed. 28th August -  32 cases confirmed. 101 recovered. 175th - 177th death. 24th November -  133 cases. 0 patients recovered. Government doctor of Malda dies in Post-Recovery Symptoms of Covid-19 dgtld নিজস্ব সংবাদদাতা মালদহ 6th June - 2 cases confirmed. 41st death. 4th August -  16 cases confirmed. 11th July -  0 cases confirmed. Eighteenth and Nineteenth death. A FINE WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE WHO DO NOT ABIDE BY THE LAW. Also those suffering from respiratory conditions, and those doing physical training. 18 patients recovered. 22nd April - 1 case confirmed. 103 recovered. The eleventh patient died. 22 recovered. 27th December -  84 cases. 101 recovered. 43 recovered. 4 more patients are recovered. 1 patient recovered. 108 recovered. 77th and 78th death. 47 patients recovered. 29th May - 0 case confirmed. See the map, stats, and news for areas affected by COVID-19 on Google News 1st July - 1 case confirmed. Children aged three and under are exempt from wearing a mask. 181st and 182nd death. 1 patient recovered. 77 recovered. 231st - 232nd death. 228th death. 21 recovered. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'maltainfoguide_com-leader-1','ezslot_6',130,'0','0']));The virus spreads when a sick person sneezes without using a protection in front of his mouth. 54th and 55th death. It is advised that anyone who is feeling unwell 11th June - 5 cases confirmed. 20th May - 15 case confirmed. 14 patients recovered. 6th November -  129 cases. 69recovered. Covid-19 News. 29th November -  143 cases. 114th, 115th, 116th and 117th death. 18th July -  1 case confirmed. 1st October -  37 cases. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. 31st August -  21 cases confirmed. Three more patients have recovered from the virus. 83 recovered. 97 recovered. 89 recovered. Only 4% of Maltese respondents to Eurobarometer survey say they will not take . 108 recovered. 51st death. 5 patients recovered. 211th - 215th death. 69 patients recovered. 10th August -  23 cases confirmed. 107 recovered. 13th May - 2 case confirmed. 19 more patients are recovered. 123rd, 124th and 125th death. 2 more patients are recovered. 82 recovered. 27th April - 2 cases confirmed. "The total number of cases infected with the new strain of the novel coronavirus, first reported in the UK, now stands at 82," the ministry said. 28th December -  101 cases. 38th death. ... Coronavirus Kolkata weather Coronavirus India West Bengal news … 65 patients recovered. careful and washes his hands as soon as possible after having touched or 10 patients recovered. 30th September -  23 cases. 112th and 113th death. 144. 1 more patients are recovered. But fear not, the virus was no match for the Crescent City creative spirit. 15th August -  72 cases confirmed. 30th April - 2 cases confirmed. 44 patients recovered. 161st, 162nd, 163rd and 164th death. 5th June - 3 cases confirmed. 85 recovered. 202nd and 203rd death. 0 patients recovered. 4 more patients are recovered. 73 recovered. 139 recovered. COVID-19 update for 22 January | 3 deaths for a total of 248 • 143 new cases, 201 recoveries • 2,740 active cases • Swab tests past 24 hours... MediaToday is an independent media house based in Malta. Malda, the home to lakhs of migrant workers from West Bengal, has so far reported 859 cases. 7 more patients are recovered. 71st, 72nd, 73rd death. With cases on the rise, the Prime Minister of Malta Robert Abela, the Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne and Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci announced the following measures. West Bengal's COVID-19 tally crossed the 30,000-mark on Sunday with record 1,560 new cases reported from different parts of the state, according to a bulletin issued by the health department. What’s the weather in Malta in April like? 0 patients recovered. 3 patients recovered. 3rd June - 2 cases confirmed. 144 recovered. 6th July -  0 cases confirmed. 178th - 180th death. 26th July -  14 cases confirmed. 40th death. India records 18K fresh Covid cases, 234 deaths 22nd May - 1 case confirmed. 24th April - 2 cases confirmed. 16th July -  0 cases confirmed. 0 patients recovered. Following increasing awareness regarding the outbreak of a novel coronavirus COVID-19 we have put up this page with interesting information that can help you plan your visit to Malta, what you have to do and how to take care of yourself. 11 more patients are recovered. 11th December -  96 cases. The fourteenth patient died. Malda violence: BJP fact-finding team hits out at Mamata for imposing Sec. 31st October - 100 cases. No one has yet been arrested. 0 patients recovered. Find out the latest news about Malta Coronavirus.Following increasing awareness regarding the outbreak of a novel coronavirus COVID-19 we have put up this page with interesting information that can help you plan your visit to Malta, what you have to do and how to take care of yourself. 80 recovered. 102nd and 103rd death. 27th October -  107 cases. 11 patients recovered. “Random tests (for Covid-19 infection) would be conducted in markets, particularly overcrowded places. 39th death. 85 recovered. 22nd October -  111 cases. 5 more patients are recovered. 5th July - 0 cases confirmed. 177 recovered. 66 cases were from migrant people who arrived in Malta on the 27th July 2020. Others who returned from countries identified 2 patients recovered. 7th November -  146 cases. 38 more patients are recovered. In December last year, Russia approved its main Covid-19 vaccine, Sputnik V, for use by people over the age of 60. 19 cases were from migrant people who arrived in Malta on the 29th July 2020. 3rd July - 1 case confirmed. Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth death. 26th December -  129 cases. 20th April - 4 cases confirmed. From Metairie to Gretna to Uptown to the Bywater, float houses are sprouting up faster than mushrooms after a spring rain. 23rd April - 1 case confirmed. 8th January - 191 cases. 74 recovered. 4th January - 148 cases. 2 more patients are recovered. 12th October -  68 cases. 2 patients recovered. 5th April - 14 cases confirmed. 29th October -  106 cases. 29th April - 5 cases confirmed. should not go. 149th death. Read Breaking News on Malda updated and published at Zee News ... Smokers, vegetarians at lower risk of contracting COVID-19, CSIR survey shows. 8th November -  102 cases. 4 patients recovered. 26th November -  152 cases. 58 patients recovered. 132 recovered. 22nd November -  102 cases. 26 more patients are recovered. 19th May - 11 case confirmed. 216th death. 150 recovered. 0 patients recovered. 33 patients recovered. 11th April - 20 cases confirmed. 9th June - 2 cases confirmed. 2 patients recovered. 2nd September -  22 cases. 13th March - 4 cases confirmed. 33 more patients are recovered. 30th July -  28 cases confirmed. 18th June - 1 case confirmed. Copyright © MediaToday Co. Ltd, Vjal ir-Rihan, San Gwann SGN 9016, Malta, Europe, Brothers accused of Daphne Caruana Galizia murder demand restart of compilation of evidence, Weekend curfew 'decision for health authorities', Philip Fenech says, Maltese managers prize longer hours, find recruitment hard, Going it alone on investment apps is risky money, Updated | MFA, police investigating racial abuse incident during women’s football league match, Devis Mangia’s era heralds new hope for Malta national football team, Premier League | Stakes are high for Villa-Burnley encounter, [WATCH] The National Book Prize winners performed by Malta’s best actors, National Book Prize 2020: Trevor Zahra conferred lifetime achievement award, Malta film Luzzu to compete at the Sundance Film Festival in the US, [LIVE] 143 new cases, 201 recoveries • 616 people have received second vaccine dose, MDB supports investment of €29.3 million in 96 projects of local SMEs, Footballers take a knee against racism in show of solidarity with Maya Lucia, Winner of the the Literary Contest of Novels for Youth announced, The real issue is fair competition… not ‘unfair propaganda’. 1 patient recovered. 14th October -  111 cases. 35th death. 150th and 151st death. 122 recovered. January 11, 2016 6:47 am. 6th May - 2 case confirmed. Malta Coronavirus update with statistics and graphs: total and new cases, deaths per day, mortality and recovery rates, current active cases, recoveries, trends and timeline. 227th death. The UEFA Foundation for Children is supporting Common Goal's COVID-19 Response Fund. 30 recovered. 30th October -  76 cases. Tausif Alam, alias Bulu Sk, was wanted in connection with a … 60th, 61st death. 7th August -  49 cases confirmed. 22nd September -  38 cases. 0 patients recovered. 20th September -  32 cases. 5th December -  103 cases. 19th July -  1 case confirmed. Vaccines will be available to the general public in spring or summer of 2021. 26th May - 0 case confirmed. 1 patient recovered, 8th July -  0 cases confirmed. The twelfth patient died. 15th May - 10 case confirmed. 91 recovered. These are the cases found during the month of December, These are the cases found during the month of November, These are the cases found during the month of October, These are the cases found during the month of September, These are the cases found during the month of August, These are the cases found during the month of July, These are the cases found during the month of June, These are the cases found during the month of May, These are the cases found during the month of April, These are the cases found during the month of March. 0 patients recovered. 0 patients recovered. 18th November -  173 cases. 15 more patients are recovered. 17 patients recovered. 11th May - 7 case confirmed. Those eligible to volunteer include retired physicians and osteopaths, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, paramedics and emergency medical technicians, and physician's assistants. 5th May - 2 case confirmed. 52 patients recovered. 1st May - 2 cases confirmed. 27th September -  21 cases. 2 patients recovered. 43 recovered. 2nd November -  218 cases. 1st November -  140 cases. 65th death. 9th April - 38 cases confirmed. 63 recovered. 36 recovered. 7th October -  68 cases. These symptoms can also indicate any number of other illnesses including the cold, flu, and other viral infections. 4 patients recovered. 2 more patients are recovered. Locals held her fiancé responsible. 8th August -  40 cases confirmed. 5 patients recovered. 32 recovered. 56th death. 16th September -  106 cases. 4th October -  66 cases. 30th June - 0 cases confirmed. 31st December -  109 cases. Restaurants are not affected. 24th June - 0 cases confirmed. 74th death. 11th November -  141 cases. by the Maltese Public Health Department as being at risk should stay back from visiting. 0 patients recovered. 2nd June - 1 case confirmed. 18th April - 4 cases confirmed. 25th July -  0 cases confirmed. 9th January - 245 cases. Wash your hands with soap and water for not less than 20 seconds, Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if you cannot wash your hands. 6 patients recovered. 8 patients recovered. 204th - 206th death. 8th April - 6 cases confirmed. 144 recovered. 11th October -  95 cases. Everything you need to know about the coronavirus in the US and around the world. 24 more patients are recovered. Find out the latest news about Malta Coronavirus. 47th, 48th and 49th death. 22nd July -  2 cases confirmed. 5 patients recovered. 18 recovered. LATEST NEWS ON COVID-19 IN MALTA . 16th June - 6 cases confirmed. 17 more patients are recovered. 1 patient recovered. 27th July -  1 case confirmed. 123 recovered. 44th death. 16th April - 13 cases confirmed. 53 recovered. 21st November -  141 cases. 25th October -  125 cases. 17th December -  60 cases. 86th, 87th and 88th death. 45th death. 13th August -  55 cases confirmed. 23rd September -  42 cases. 1 patient recovered. 1 more patients are recovered.

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