black maria meaning

The name "Black Maria" as applied to the closed police vans with separate locked cubicles used to convey prisoners to jail is a term of New England origin; the story connected with it being that back in the mid-1800s in Boston, Massachusetts, there lived a black woman named Maria Lee, who kept a lodging house for sailors.It was a waterfront place in the North End, where brawls were frequent. They just threw Billy in the back of a Black Maria … Q From David Hannah: What is the origin of Black Maria?The Bloomsbury Dictionary of Phrase & Allusion attributes it to a ‘brawny American negress’ who kept a boarding house in Boston. Dictionary entry overview: What does Black Maria mean? Are you learning Spanish? Three years later, police vehicles in the city became known as Black … A likelier connection could be a famous race horse named Black Maria whose greatest victory was a 20 mile race run in New York in 1832. In order to understand this poem one must know that the term Black Maria refers to a dark police vehicle that was used to transport arrested or convicted persons to the proper authorities. Black Maria Analysis. The Black Maria passes by and a new day has begun. dated A police vehicle, typically one carrying prisoners. Learn more. Transportation. See more. 1. van used by police to transport prisoners 2. a form of whist in which players avoid winning tricks containing hearts or the queen of spades Familiarity information: BLACK MARIA used as a noun is rare. General CommentFrom the "Black Maria" wikipedia page Black Maria may refer to: Black Maria, a slang term for a police van used to transport prisoners, originally these were horse drawn and so could take some time to arrive at a crime scene. Or do you just have an interest in foreign languages? Man, there's the Black Maria. “Black Maria” was a famous racehorse of the day, born in Harlem USA in 1826. Black maria definition, patrol wagon. Black Maria meaning: 1. a police vehicle used to transport prisoners 2. a police vehicle used to transport prisoners. However, there was a play on BBC Radio 4 recently that suggests the origin lies in a lady who came to court in London wearing black dresses of exceeding splendour. Police prisoner transport vehicle. Looks like I'm headed to a different jail. black maria as meaning a hearse, which were traditionally always black, even in the old west, the horse or mule drawn ones. Dictionary: Black Maria - spelling, hyphenation, synonyms, translations, meanings & definitions. Also black maria or paddy wagon. This is the spelling used in the Tom Waits song "Big Black Mariah": Black Maria (horse), an American racehorse Black Maria (IFF), a fighter aircraft IFF (identification friend or foe) interrogator ALCO DL-202-2 and DL-203-2, experimental diesel-electric locomotives known informally as the Black Maria; Black Maria, the airplane flown by Canadian World War I ace Raymond Collishaw "Black Maria", the first parking meter • BLACK MARIA (noun) The noun BLACK MARIA has 2 senses:. today it seems white is the preferred standard color.,,,,, hence the expression “that’s a hearse (horse) of a different color”. ‘A short, mutton-chopped cop grabbed his sleeve and pushed him toward the open doors of a Black Maria.’ ‘The jury comes back within five minutes, the judge dons a black cap, and the defendants commence with a thin chorus of ‘You're going home in a Black Maria.’’

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